Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the rental services provided by Holistays Limited, trading under the name Lake Como Stays. 

Holistays Limited, registered address: Unit 1603, 16th Floor, The L. Plaza, 367 – 375 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. Operational office address: Via statale 35, 22010, San Siro (CO), Italy.


Owner: a natural or legal person and owner of accommodation(s) on Lake Como, Italy who receives rental services from Lake Como Stays.
Guest: the person to whom, on behalf of the owner, rental services are provided. The guest pays Lake Como Stays for the use of the rented accommodation.

Accommodation: The holiday accommodation and it belongings rented by guests.
Own use: A stay by the owner or partner of the owner or his direct family members, including parents (in law), siblings (in law) and children (in law).
Third party: The natural or legal person, executing rental services, hired by Lake Como Stays.

The agreement: the contract between the guest or owner and Lake Como Stays.
The Terms and Conditions: the present Terms and Conditions used by Lake Como Stays for its rental services.
Holistays Limited: the company Holistays Limited, trading under the name Lake Como Stays, which provides rental services on behalf of the owner, and authorized on behalf of the owner to rent out the accommodation(s) to guests.
Lake Como Stays: hereinafter referred to as LCS.

1. Agreement 

By placing a request electronically or in writing for rental services, the guest and the owner enters into an agreement with LCS for the provision of services. LCS reserves the right to refuse a request. Cancellation may incur costs to the guest and or owner. The guest and owner shall review the offer and/or documentation sent to them for errors and will point out any errors to LCS. Errors must be reported immediately in writing to LCS by the party involved. 

2. Liability

Based on this contract, LCS is only liable for services provided and performed by LCS itself. LCS excludes liability for breaches of duty due to slight negligence, if this does not involve essential contractual obligations, damage due to fatal or bodily injury, health damage or guarantees. For services which LCS does not provide or execute itself and where LCS only coordinates or acts as an agent on behalf of the owner, LCS is not liable unless there is gross negligence towards the client. LCS’ liability is limited to the amount paid by the guest. In particular, the guest and owner must ensure that the execution is done according to the applicable laws, regulations and local rules.  

3. Changes

Every effort has been made to ensure that all published information is correct at the time of publication. All information are made by LCS and its representatives at the best of their abilities and all in good conscience. LCS cannot be held responsible for minor alterations.

4. Obligation of guests

The guest is obliged to treat the accommodation(s), its furnishings and all its belongings with care so that the state of the accommodation upon arrival remains intact during the stay. Before departure, guests must leave the accommodation(s) in a tidy condition and return all its belongings to its original place. The number of guests staying in the accommodation(s) during the stay corresponds to the maximum number of guests stated at the time of booking. 

5. Payments

To place a booking, the guest is required to pay a downpayment of 30% of the total booking sum. The receipt of the downpayment, either via bank transfer or credit card payment, is always confirmed to the guest in writing. The balance of the booking has to be received by LCS at least 30 days before the arrival date. If the period between the booking and the arrival date is less than 30 days, the total booking amount must be paid at the time of booking. If the payment is not made within the time specified, the guest will be notified in writing and the remaining payment must be made within 5 working days. If the payment is not received by LCS within the set time frame, LCS has the right to cancel the booking and keep the downpayment in accordance with the cancellation policy. The downpayment minus LCS’ commission will be transferred to the owner of the accommodation(s). 

6. Cancellation

In the event that the guest cancels a booking, regardless of the reason, the guest is obliged to inform LCS immediately in writing. The cancellation is effective from the date that LCS receives written notification. The cancellation will be confirmed by the LCS in writing by email. LCS will make every effort to re-rent the cancelled booking period in full. 

7. Cancellation policy

The cancellation fee is determined by the number of weeks remaining until the arrival date at the time of cancellation.

The cancellation policy is as follows: 

If the guest leaves early, there will not be a refund. 

8. Special circumstances

In exceptional cases it may occur that the booked accommodation(s) may need to be changed to be able to continue the planned stay. In these cases, LCS will do everything possible to offer a comparable accommodation(s). In case of a price difference, LCS has the right to charge the difference in price to the guest.  Furthermore, it is possible for the guest to refuse the offered alternative accommodation without any reason, in which case LCS will refund the full paid amount to the guest. LCS’ liability is limited to the amount paid by the guest. In the interest of the condition/state of the accommodation(s) and/or the stay of guests, and only if necessary, LCS and/or its partners may enter the accommodation(s) after written and/or verbal notification to the guests, during the stay of guests. 

9. Damage

LCS will do its utmost to recover any damage to the accommodation(s) and its belongings from the guests, whether or not caused by intentional or reckless actions by the guests and caused during the stay of guests. The starting point for damage repair is to keep the costs as low as possible and to solve as much as possible in-house before calling in third parties for damage repair. During the booking process each guest will take out a damage waiver which covers any minor damage caused during their stay up to a maximum of 200 Euros. Reckless, intentional damage and damages over 200 Euros as well as normal wear and tear are not covered. Non-recoverable damage is on the account and risk of the owner. 

10. Booking changes  

If the guest, after confirming the booking, wishes to change the dates of the stay, it is only possible to alter dates if the accommodation(s) is/are available for the desired period. All requests must be made in writing. 

11. Complaints

Complaints and/or problems during the stay of guests must be immediately confirmed in writing by the guest to LCS. If the guest is dissatisfied with the cleaning of the accommodation(s), the guest must inform LCS by e-mail at the latest on the second day of their stay. LCS will do its best within its possibilities to solve any shortcomings, as soon and where possible during the stay of the guests. For the resolution of complaints, LCS must be given sufficient time before any damages are compensated. For complaints after the end of the stay without prior written notification of the complaint during the stay, there will be no compensation. 

12. Energy costs

These costs are included in the booking unless otherwise stated. 

13. Guest registration

LCS is by law required to provide the Italian authorities with the guest’s personal details, therefore guests have to fill in their id details on a secure online registration form sent to them after making the booking. Any delay in providing guest details, such as on the check-in day, may take extra time to process the information, causing delay during the check-in. Therefore, in order to realize a quick, effortless and pleasant check-in, it is highly recommended to provide all required details of all guests before check-in day. 

14. Force Majeure

Subject to due diligence, LCS is not liable for changes, cancellations or any other effect on the stay, due to events that are outside the control of LCS and therefore could not have been predicted or prevented.

15. Lost and found

LCS and its partners will keep all found objects for 3 weeks from the date of guests’ departure. In case any items need to send to the guests, the shipping costs will be at the guests’ expense. LCS cannot be hold accountable for any lost items. Shippable items exclude nutrition and liquids.

16. Final Provisions

If any provision is legally invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect. Any invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid provision, the effect of which is as close as possible to the intended purpose and effect of the invalid or unenforceable provision. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be governed by Italian law. The competent jurisdiction is the court of Como, Italy. 


You can contact Lake Como Stays by email on info@lakecomostays.com.