About us

How it all began…

In 2015, my father Ruud and Bram started a small property management company in San Siro, 4 kilometers from the central lake town Menaggio. Initially, for a few Dutch holiday home owners managing their primary property management needs, we noticed a growing need for our services and we quite quickly expanded our client base in the municipality of San Siro in the following year. At the same time, we kickstarted a fully comprehensive holiday rental services for those owners who would like to earn an income from their lake home while there were absent. From 2015 – 2020, we grow from a half dozen clients to managing 100+ holiday properties, both rental and non-rental properties, in the municipalities of San Siro and Menaggio.

So far we had been doing all our property management operations in-house, however given our intention to expand our portfolio and at the same time provide great personal custom service to our clients, it demanded change and a strong focus on both property management and rental management. Besides the traditional vacation rental agency model, we have also been providing on-site rental services to owners who rented by themselves since 2016, offering a fully comprehensive service package for any type of owner.  So in 2021 we decided to, while working closely together and sharing the same office, to split the business into two companies: a property management business (Fiducia Services) take care of all property management needs and a rental management company facilitating all the holiday home rental needs. At the time of writing this, the end of 2021, we started this new holiday rental website and are renovating our office to get ready for the 2022 season.

And now a little more about ourselves…

We are Bram (Dutch) and Pu (Chinese) and we have been living at Lake Como with much joy for six years now. Before we got to know each other, we lived, studied, worked in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and China. All that international exposure and our familiarity with different languages and cultures is really helpful  for the international mix of clients we currently  have. The things we love most about Lake Como is its splendid nature, the magnificent towns, villas and gardens and the warm-hearted local people. We enjoy sports, good food and traveling (who doesn’t?).

We love working with the international community of holiday owners at Lake Como as well as the even more international range of guests, in particular when they check out with a big smile. Our personal, multi-lingual services are highly regarded and we do go the extra mile to make sure owners and guests are happy, so happy that often times a guests become a loyal guest or even a proud new holiday home owner!

We like to invite any holiday home owner to come say hello at our office or contact us for more details about earning a steady income from your holiday home.

Bram & Pu Verweij-Liu